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E-Invoicing Add-on
Egypt E-Invoicing Add-On for SAP

Are you tired of manual invoice processing and the associated errors, delays, and costs? Do you want to streamline your invoice processing and improve your cash flow? Check out our e-invoicing solution - AutoInvoice.

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AutoInvoice solution is an SAP add-on that enables you to send and receive invoices electronically, automating your invoice processing and reducing the risk of errors and delays. With AutoInvoice solution, you can streamline your invoice processing, improve your cash flow, and enhance your supplier relationships.

Benefits of AutoInvoice Add-on:

Streamlined Invoice Processing

With SAP's e-invoicing solution, you can automate your invoice processing, reducing the time and cost associated with manual processing.

Reduced Errors

By automating invoice validation and processing, you can reduce the risk of errors and delays, improving your supplier relationships and enhancing your reputation.


With AutoInvoice, you can ensure compliance with the regulations set by the Egyptian Tax Authority, reducing the risk of legal issues.

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AutoInvoice Add-on Features

End-to-End integration with SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA

AutoInvoice Add-on integrates the SAP ERP with the ETA E-Invoicing System. This will automate the task of issuing and receipt of all invoices

Generate E-Invoice

Generation of an e-invoice/UUID takes place in real-time.

Cancel E-Invoice

You can cancel the invoice reference number for various reasons like incorrect entry, duplicate entry etc

Receive Notifications

AutoInvoice will allow you to receive notifications on document related events - validation, issuance, rejection and cancellation.


The solution helps generate reports on all e-invoices generated.

 Quick to Deploy

The implementation time line takes 1 week but can vary significantly depending on the requirements.

ECS Autoinvoice - E-Invoicing Solution for Egypt

What does the Implementation Involve?

1. Get an overview of the E-Invoicing Add-On and learn how it works.

2. Configure and Customize based

3. Test the modified system on the e-invoice pre-production environment and deliver User Training.

4. Launch and Get Continuous Support


At ECS, we understand the importance of efficient and accurate invoice processing. That's why we've developed our e-invoicing solution to provide you with the tools you need to streamline your invoice processing, reduce the risk of errors and delays, and improve your cash flow.

Contact us today to learn more about SAP's e-invoicing solution and how it can benefit your business.

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