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E-Invoicing Add-on
AutoReceipt:An SAP Add-on for Egypt 

The Egyptian government is requiring businesses to issue e-receipts for all transactions. This is in accordance with the country's tax laws, which aim to reduce tax evasion and improve tax collection efficiency.

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In today's ever-changing regulatory landscape, it is vital for businesses to stay ahead and comply with tax authorities' regulations. We are excited to introduce the Autio-Receipt Add-on for SAP, a powerful solution designed to help Retail businesses in Egypt seamlessly generate and manage electronic receipts while meeting tax authorities' requirements.

Benefits of AutoReceipt Add-on:

Streamlined Receipt Process

Streamlines the Receipt process and automatically submits data to the relevant tax authority.

Environmentally Friendly

By opting for E-Receipts, you contribute to reducing paper waste and promoting a greener planet. 

Enhanced Security

E-Receipts offer improved security compared to paper receipts. Digital encryption ensures that your personal information remains protected, minimizing the risk of identity theft.

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The fastest way to a digital receipt

Tax-Compliant Receipt Generation:

The E-Receipt solution generates electronic receipts that adhere to the specific requirements outlined by the Egyptian tax authorities. It ensures the inclusion of mandatory information such as the taxpayer's identification number, transaction details, VAT rates, and any other relevant tax-related information.

Automatic VAT Calculation:

The solution automates the calculation of Value Added Tax (VAT) based on the applicable rates defined by Egyptian tax regulations. It accurately calculates the VAT amount for each transaction, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring compliance with tax laws.

Real-time Data Synchronization:

AutoReceipt solution seamlessly synchronizes transaction data with the tax authorities' systems in real-time. This ensures that the tax authority receives the necessary information promptly and enables businesses to meet the reporting requirements without delays or manual intervention.

User-Friendly Interface:

AutoReceipt solution features a user-friendly interface using SAP FIORI that simplifies the process of generating, managing, and retrieving electronic receipts. It requires minimal training for users to navigate the system efficiently

Integration with POS

AutoReceipt solution seamlessly integrates with Point of Sales POS. This integration ensures a smooth flow of data between the E-Receipt solution and the POS system, minimizing manual effort and enhancing data accuracy.

Ready to enhance your financial processes and comply with Egypt tax authorities' regulations effortlessly? Get in touch with our team today to discuss how our E-Receipt Add-on for SAP can benefit your business.

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