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SAP Analytics Cloud

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SAP® Analytics Cloud

ECS implements SAP® Analytics Cloud to enable advanced analytics and planning at scale and speed

SAP Analytics Cloud is a unique solution in SAP analytical offer, available in SaaS (Software as a Service) model. It is the only product which combines all the three core analytical functions – reporting, planning and prediction (with the use of Predictive Analysis Library) – and provides flexibility thanks to the ability to adjust computing power to the current needs of a company.

All SAP Analytics Cloud features are built on SAP Business Technology Platform(BTP) and powered by the SAP HANA in-memory database. They can be extended to any device. There are 3 main features of SAC

Business Intelligence

Predictive Analytics


Business Intelligence

Data Access: SAC allows data to be obtain through two methods Data Import - In the case of an import, the data source can be a file, an SAP system, an OData service or an SQL database. Direct read from the database\ERP - In the case of a direct read, refreshed real-time data is captured, only by connecting to an SAP system (HANA, BW, BPC or other).

2. Data Modelling: This allows data preparation with additional features such as adding indicators, inserting formulas as well as modifying values of recovered characteristics.

3. Data Visualization: This feature allows you to explore and highlight your data with graphs, tables or any other graphical components.


Predictive Analytics

In order to be able to highlight relevant metrics or predict future results, SAP has injected artificial intelligence innovations. A few application examples of these innovations include automated content creation via smart discovery, identification of influential characteristics, and detection of off-trend records, plus many others.

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The planning section of SAC enables the combination of both your financial and your operational statements in the same tool for a complete and clear view of your current state. Budget planning versions can be created and modified from existing financial statements. The provided machine learning and predictive forecasting tools can help anticipate your financials for future dates. Also available is the popular "What If" mode for performing simulations.


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