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Mobile Inventory Manager
Mobile Solution for Efficient Inventory Management

Gain better control and real time visibility into your warehouse operations

Trusted By Industry Leaders


Mobile Inventory Manager is a mobile application developed to simplify inventory and warehouse operations. It ensures the accuracy of inventory data, improves visibility and management of materials across your warehouses - all in real-time

Why choose Mobile Inventory Manager?

See how companies increased Warehouse Management Efficiency by leveraging the Mobile technology with ECS Mobile Inventory Manager

Reducion in inventory carrying costs 

Less Stock-outs

Increase in warehouse productivity

Reduction of manual error rate due to the automation of warehouse  processes 

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Easily Manage Warehouse

Gain a Complete Inventory Visibility


Gain a broader visibility and control over all your inventory work across your stores and distribution centers (DC’s) including processes of receiving, transfers, returns, data entry and much more.

Quick Clearance Of Aging Inventory

Identify and remove old inventories from your warehouse quickly so that you can utilize the warehouse space in an optimum manner. 

Track Inventory Levels And Stockout

you can track and examine inventory levels in order to avoid unnecessary stockouts.

Locate Item

With Mobile Inventory Manager, you can easily search for  items in your warehouse. With a simple scan of an item barcode, you will be informed of where the specific item is located.

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Manage all Inventory Processes with ease

Barcode Scanning

The app significantly reduces data entry errors through barcode technology and mobile scanning. This increases inventory accuracy and worker's productivity in the warehouse.

Goods Receipt​

Automate and streamline your goods receipt process, whether it's linked to a production order, a purchase order or a return from customers

Simplified Inventory Count

Save time, effort and cost with a simplified Inventory counts process. It can be carried out with a barcode and scanner to adjust inventory quantities quickly.

Goods Issue

Easily perform goods issue with a simplified way of locating, loading shipping processes. Or a return from customers

Stock Transfer

Simply handle all stock transfers between plants, storage locations and bins in a matter of second


Clear and Complete Reporting

Make smarter decisions with real-time reports that you can save and share with anybody. Keep key information at your fingertips with custom dashboards.

How Mobile Inventory Manager helped Mantrac.

Discover how Mantrac Group improved their inventory capabilities while increasing visibility over the whole supply chain operations using ECS Mobile Inventory Manager