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Mobisales - Direct Store Delivery
Empower Your Sales Team With Mobile Sales Automation App

Increase sales & improve delivery processes with a powerful Direct Store Delivery Solution

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Mobisales is a Direct Store Delivery mobile application used by consumer goods and whole distribution companies, it enhances their Direct Store Delivery operations including start-of-day activities, vehicle check out, order taking, cash collections, invoicing, returns to handling the end-of-day and reconciliation operations

Mobisales helped companies achieve results


Minimized shelf

out of stock 


Increased sales and delivery productivity with the integrated and automated processes


Increase in the speed of end-of-day reconciliation

Mobisales Direct Store Delivery application has several unique features

Route Planning and Sales Management 

Plan and schedule store visits and deliveries 

With just one click, the driver can start the day by simply downloading tours and customer visits

Simple Customer Inventory Checking 

Rapidly capture accurate inventory of the product on customer's shelves by using barcode scanning technology, this helps automating the creation of order to meet delivery dates.

Customers information Details

Give your Sales Reps access to the key information about customers directly from the hand-held device like address, contact name, phone number, notes, photos an more

Sales Target

Sales reps can also check how much they achieved and what extra sales they should get to reach their target


Route Accounting and Settlement

Customer Pricing and Promotions

The App allows different types of promotion, pricing, discounts, buy/get offers, free goods and more.

Printing Capabilities

Automated email PDF of invoices with signed tickets Optional printed sales receipts

Proof of Delivery 

Sales reps can capture customer Signature for proof of delivery

End-of-day Reconciliation

End of day inventory reconciliation and payment settlement


Management & Visibility

Real-Time GPS Tracking

With the route tracking feature, managers are capable of tracking the route of every representative on real time from Google Maps

Easy Integration

Mobisales easily integrates with your Back-office ERP, WMS, or other business systems and processes integration

Helpful Reports

Standard and custom reports with scheduled report times The solution allows managers to acquire helpful information regarding all the transactions that has been held by their representatives

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Mobisales is an SAP® Certified Mobile Solution

Mobisales Android Solution directly integrates with 
SAP S/4 HANA mobilizing all the sales and distribution processes and covering visit plan, order taking, delivery till payment


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