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Showcasing Egypt's most creative solutions to real-world problems.


We’re shining a light on promising innovators all around Egypt

ECS is launching The Digital Innovation Competition targeting tech enthusiasts and creative minds to contribute to transforming Egypt into a digital society by developing digital solutions that serve communities or businesses. 


The competition is designed to develop great ideas that will shape the digital future of Egypt through innovative technology in any field such as Health, Education Employment, Sports, Entertainment etc...

We are aiming to showcase Egypt's most creative solutions to real-world problems.

*Ideas will be judged publicly and by a jury of professionals.


The Digital Innovation Competition will award to the top three ideas

1st Winning Team

20,000 EGP

2nd Winning Team

15,000 EGP

3rd Winning Team

10,000 EGP

1 March 2024
20 March 2024
25 February 2024
27 March 2024
31 March 2024
Competition Timeline
Registration Opens
Register by filling out the registration template and craft a 
2-minute video pitching your idea and the project’s features and functionality
Registration Closes
Ensure you submit all the requirements before the deadline
Announcement of the Shortlisted Ideas
Finalists will be selected to present their solution to the jury
Live Pitch
Our expert judges will review the idea concept 
Winner Announcement 
Winners will be announced 

How to Apply?


Prepare the Pitch Deck Presentation. Download here

Prepare a compelling and well-structured story using the pitch deck template to maximize your chance of winning.

Shoot 2-minute video pitching your idea.

Craft a 2-minute video pitching your idea and the project’s features and functionality

Fill out the form before the deadline.

​Complete the online Entry Form and provide information about yourself, the participant, and your company.

Who can participate?

ECS employees, Students and professionals in from Egypt are welcome to apply to this competition

Judging & Voting Standards

The Idea Competition will be judged through two mechanisms.

  1. Public Voting
  2. Jury of professionals

Final awards will be based on the combined findings of public and juried voting.

Domain Areas of the competition

To be eligible, you/your team will need to use at least one key technology from the below to innovate applications or solve real problems

  • AI
  • Machine Learning

  • Mobile Security

  • Web Technologies

  • Mobile computing

  • IoT (Internet of Things)

  • Development (Kotlin /Java / Flutter)

Submissions are judged in terms of their technical architecture, functionality, creativity, quality of representation of idea and business value.

Judges to vote and select the top participants based on the following criteria:

  • Technical Architecture (15%)​

  • Functionality (20%)

    • Does the project provide an interactive UI with good user experience?

    • Is the solution user-friendly and accessible?


  • Creativity (30%)

    • What differentiated features does your project provide?

    • How unique and original is the proposed idea?

  • Business Value (20%)

    • What potential impact does the solution have on communities, businesses, or industries?

    • How well does the idea address real-world problems, and is it feasible to implement?

    • What resources are required for successful implementation?

    • How do you prepare for market promotion, resource acquisition, compliance, and project planning?

  • Quality of representation of the idea (10%)

    • Does the presentation of the idea provide a clear and reasonable solution to the stated problem?

    • Is the way the product is presented clear, effective, or creative?

  • Public Voting (5%)

    • The public will have the opportunity to review and vote for their favorite ideas.

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