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Al Salehiya Improves Business Operations and Paves The Way For Future Growth With SAP solutions Customer


  • Update the company’s technological infrastructure, replacing the outdated system

  • Meet managerial demands for efficient reports and Improve decision making

  • Make supply chain, distribution, and customer service more efficient

  • Improve inventory management processes

  • Get inventory position in line with customer requirements

  • Have items for customers in stock 100% of the time

  • Increase employee satisfaction with self services and accurate information


  • Unstandardized business processes across scattered applications

  • No adequate reporting capabilities to support and facilitate business decisions

  • Inefficient inventory and stock management

  • Reduced sales due to stock-outs

  • Inefficient financial processes and extended time of financial closure


  • Implemented SAP ERP and BusinessObjects solutions

  • Reviewed and redesigned processes



Al Salehiya always keeps looking for new opportunities to grow and expand the business with the aim to provide the highest quality of products and obtain professional excellence. The company has an ambitious goal to transform their enterprise systems to be more agile and efficient. The management team at Al Salehiya group realized that it is critical to replace their current system with another that can respond to their business challenges and provide better integration and operational excellence. The idea to implement a new system started in 2010, they kept searching for software vendors to take this responsibility. When they initially met with the team of SAP, they found that they should perform a lot of changes in their existing business processes and the way they manage their business. So, they worked on this to manage this gap. By 2013, they signed the contract with SAP as the software provider and ECS as the implementation partner. The company took this step as they had disparate outdated systems, they were facing some challenges like inefficient management of business using excel, unreliable tools and manual work which has hindered many growth capabilities. Their system also lacked process integration and real time information, there were a lot of concerns regarding information accuracy and reliability.


Al Salehiya implemented a future oriented solution that can support their growth strategy, The scope comprised Material Management, HCM, Sales & Distribution, Customer Service, Plant maintenance, BusinessObjects, ECS OTMS


The SAP System went live within 8 months,The implementation of the SAP system had brought many benefits and eliminated a lot of inefficiencies and challenges. Improvement in many areas has been noticed, for example they gained stock accuracy across all warehouses and had better visibility on warehouse’s movements. They are now handling customer warranties with enhanced warranty management system, and ensured more efficient services for customers, vendors and other stakeholder. Also, a great reporting and analytics capabilities has been acquired due to the implementation of SAP BusinessObjects. This has streamlined report creation and provided better data visibility across the different areas of the company, they are now able to access real time business data for more informed decisions. Now, Al Salehiya enjoys improved business operations and streamlined processes, this success has empowered them to think about the future and plan for further development in other areas, they are planning to implement :





- SucessFactors


Performance in analytics due to faster reporting (from 6 hours to 10 minutes)


Process efficiency in customer Service


Inventory Control


HR productivity due to process optimization


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