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ECS helped Fresh Better Understand and Support Its Customers Using SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud


  • Help customers get the maximum value from the product or service they have purchased

  • Better customer experience in order to reach customer satisfaction from their products and supporting services

  • Gain efficiency, transparency, and consistency in support operations

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Handling work remotely

  • An increase happened in orders and complains received by the customer service to be handled by the previous system

  • Missed calls and orders rate increased

  • Inability to track customer interactions and service issues

  • Inefficient and longer service execution cycles


  • Offer support through different communication channels such as e-mail, social media or phone calls

  • Design and implement SAP Service Cloud solution integrated with SAP ERP/ ECC



The vision of Fresh is to always present innovative products to customers to make their life easier; this will help them ensure customer satisfaction which is Fresh’s number one goal. Accordingly, Fresh decided to go for the implementation of SAP C4C to help them reach their vision and to overcome the obstacles they faced in the previous system. Fresh’s previous system was not capable of handling the bigger movements Fresh was taking and tracking the increase in the customers orders and complains.


After implementing the SAP C4C, the difference in the KPIs was too obvious; the efficiency the system brought in handling customers, managing the work-load and performing the daily work process saved much time, efforts and costs. The C4C made customer’s information easily accessible; client’s history is now stored in one database which will make serving clients more efficient and effective. Moreover, customer satisfaction has now increased due to the speed of response to their issues and inquiries, agents are now able to track all customer’s issues across all platforms directly from one screen. Also, the performance of call center agents have been improved and the missed calls have been reduced by 30%. Customer service workers can now schedule customer appointments and reach all customer’s information as the location, number and needs easier. In addition to this, tasks and visits are assigned to workers easily. So, the number of successful customer visits increased without any errors. On the other hand, decision makers are now able to handle their work remotely anytime and anywhere after uploading Fresh’s production work-load on the public cloud and integrating it with the SAP C4C. According to resource planning, its efficiency reached 95% after adding an additional feature to SAP C4C which is the Multi-Resource Scheduling (MRS) and the paper work reduced to a great extent.

Four Months

From project start to Go Live


Field service efficiency


First Call Resolution


Transparency through real-time data and advanced reporting capabilities


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