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ECS Helped Mantrac Group to Automate Inventory Management Processes And enhance visibility into the overall warehouse operations


  • Streamline Warehouse Management processes from Goods Receipt, Goods Issue, Stock Transfer, monitoring stocks and handling Inventory Counts etc...

  • Eliminate manual data entry time and reduce errors associated with it.

  • Gain seamless Integration with their ERP system (ManPRO).

  • Improve Management of inventory across multiple warehouses and locations Challenges and Opportunities

  • Lack of process Integration.

  • Workers performs daily inventory operations manually which is time consuming and error prone.

  • Difficulties in managing and controlling inventory process.


  • Implemented Mantrac Warehouse Mobility Management App on 110 Windows devices and 50 Andriod devices.

  • Seamless Integration with ManPro ERP System.



Mantrac Group as a leader in its industry and among Caterpillar Dealers, it always sought new technologies and innovations to be applied in their business in order to reach the optimum work processes. The company found that there was a great opportunity for improvement in their warehouse system as it lacked a lot of functionality. As the company grew and expanded its operation in multiple locations, that system started to have issues with performance. Accordingly, decision makers in Mantrac Group decided to take this initiative that will help them overcome their obstacles and reach their objectives. One of the challenges was tracking and tracing the spare parts, machines and components that were located globally across 80 branches in 10 countries, which made it difficult to gain a clear visibility over the needs and deficits of each warehouse. The amount of time spent on handling physical counts, product search and synchronization between warehouses was very inefficient. Workers used to perform their daily inventory operations manually which affected their productivity and efficiency of work. On the other hand, ECS team faced some challenges as the amount of data was extremely huge. Moreover, ensuring a seamless high performance integration between the Warehouse solution and their existing ERP system was challenging however it ended up successfully.


ECS as a system integrator and Software Development Vendor has developed and implemented Mantrac Warehouse Mobility Management on 110 windows devices and 50 Android devices.


By implementing Mantrac Warehouse Mobility Management, the company was able to overcome their challenges and improve its overall inventory management processes. Physical Inventory count process has become very efficient and much easier by increasing the accuracy and credibility of the data being collected through an easy bar-code technology and mobile scanning, Accordingly, the warehouse team eliminated the paperwork associated with the process and became more productive. Warehouse management processes has considerably been improved from receiving, issuing, transfers, returns, data entry and much more. In addition to this, the solution made the transfer of the stock between plants, storage locations and bins in a matter of second; they can get stock details instantly, just by scanning and searching for any item in any location. As for Goods Issues and Goods Receipts processes, they are now automated, streamlined, simplified and easily performed. Mantrac Warehouse Mobility Management solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with Mantrac’s ManPro ERP system; Whenever any activity is performed on the mobile app, it directly syncs information with their ERP system.


Inventory visibility directly from Mobile app or Desktop


Stock tracking and recording of stock movements


Management of inventory across multiple warehouses and locations


Physical counts with the Barcode Scanning


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