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Want to develop your IT skills and start your SAP career? Join RIZING TALENT Program with ECS.
​​​​​​​It is targeted for Students & Grads with passion for technology

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About the Program

RIZING TALENT Program (RTP) is a free initiative delivered by ECS, the program is a great opportunity for fresh and soon-to-be graduates who want to start their first step towards SAP career. We’re also thrilled to meet people who have decided to shift their career.


The duration of the program is 2 months, during that course you will learn, practice and participate in projects to start your career in SAP. ECS Shall accompany you through a professional and personal development made of gradual milestone.


At the end of the program, ECS will evaluate candidates and offer an employment opportunity based on the proficiency and skill development. 

Do you have the right features to join the RIZING Talent Program

The Requirement you need to join the program are:

  • Educational background in Business administration, Business Informatics, Engineering or closely related field.

  • Candidates must have an interest in starting an SAP-related career.


By joining RTP, you will be able to:

  • Start your journey to become an SAP Consultant

  • Learn directly from SAP experts

  • Experience training in SAP Technologies and contribute to blueprinting, design, implementation, and operation

  • Develop the soft skills needed to prepare you for successful job applications

  • The program will last for 2 months

We believe in the commitment and contribution young talents can bring to our company. In case of positive evaluation - a permanent contract will be signed and we will welcome you on board.

Are you a talented graduate looking for new challenges in the Tech Industry?

Apply Now to RIZING TALENT Program and have a chance to grow your career

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