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Celonis Process Mining
مع Celonis - أقوى أداة لتعدين العمليات
#ECS_TALKS Episode 1: What is process mining? How it works and what are the benefits?
تشغيل الفيديو

سوف تكسب عملية تحليل متعمق لتحسين أداء الأعمال


ECS هي شريك معتمد من Celonis يقدم خدمات المبيعات والتنفيذ والدعم. تمتلك شركة ECS الموارد التي تتمتع بأعلى خبرة لتقديم أفضل الحلول لعملائنا.

See the power of Process Mining

Process mining solutions have revolutionized business today since it’s becoming a powerful tool for supporting process optimization across complex landscapes. The tool aims at analyzing and visualizing the flow of operations to pinpoint specific ways to improve business. ECS offers Celonis Process Mining Solution, that is quick to implement and easily integrates with your Enterprise Systems, the tool is available as a cloud application that can be up and running in few weeks.

Visualize how the actual processes are being executed and deliver better business insights

Check business process conformance, and discover all deviating cases and variants from the As-Is Process

Evaluate process performance more precisely across multiple Enterprise systems.

Reduce time needed to aggregate and analyze business process data


Quickly drill down to discover deviations, identify root causes of inefficiencies, and understand why certain processes didn’t work as desired

Enable Data Inflow with Seamless data extraction

Celonis has 36+ out-of-the-box connections that support easy extraction of data

celonis diagram-11.png

Process Connector

Pre-built Extraction & Transformation Packages

Accounts Payable (AP)

Accounts Receivable (AR)

Bot Analytics

Case Management

Change Control

Change Management

Customer Master Data

Customer Service


Dispute Case Management

Incident Management

Make to Order

Market Communication

Material Master Data

Order To Cash (OTC)

Plant Maintenance


Purchase Requisition

Purchase Schedule Requisition


Purchase to Pay (P2P)

Quality Management

Quote to Order

Record to Report

Service Request

Strategic Sourcing

Vendor Invoice Management

Vendor Master Data

Warehouse Management


40% reduction in invoice approval time


60% improvement in request-to-order cycle time

End-to-end visibility of the P2P process


See efficiency gains across your organization with Celonis

Boost process standardization

Compare the performance of your processes across departments, teams, regions and with industry-leading companies to apply best practices and boost process standardization.

Avoid process frictions

Celonis software will provide you with customizable dashboards to report on and track how frictions in your processes affect your business.

Cut costs

An AI-powered root cause analysis will help you understand process variations and areas that fail to conform to your reference process model, leading to optimization potential and cost-savings.

ابدأ عملية التعدين في مؤسستك مع ECS و Celonis -
أنت تختار العملية ، ونحن نقوم بالباقي. سيساعدك مهندس بيانات Celonis على استخراج بيانات عملية نظام مؤسستك ودمجها في حل Celonis Process Mining لبدء تحليل عملياتك وتصورها وتحسينها.

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