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Mobittend-  تطبيق يسهل ادارة الحضور والانصراف
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تتبع وقت موظفك بسهولة أينما كانوا

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تتبع حضورالموظفين بأقل جهد

’Mobittend هو تطبيق لتتبع الوقت عبر الهاتف، يتيح مراقبة حضور وانصراف الموظفين بحيث تكون جداول الحضور والانصراف دائمًا محدثة.

بعض الشركات الّتي تثق ب ECS  


Increase efficiency and accuracy of your employee's Time Tracking

Provide your employees with the tool and the ability to access and maintain their own time data. This ensures that the information is accurate and up to date.

Reduce administrative workload 

Move away from the routine tasks and reduce the time needed to collect and verify employee’s time and attendance records by embracing a new and a fully automated solution

Better analyze data

With accurate, reliable and up to date employee’s time data – a solid foundation is established which enables managers to simply analyze employee’s data and build informed business decisions.

Less complexity. Quick implementation

Mobittend is a flexible app and gets up and running very quickly.

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See what Mobittend offers

Simple Employee time tacking

Simply track the time and attendance of your remote resources.  The process is very simple:

Employees sign in to the application with the credential assigned to them- Enter their activities (Clock in/out, Break in/out, etc…)

The application checks the Geo-location of the employee at the time of punch.

The time data is then submitted in real time to be reviewed by managers.

Enables remote employees to enter their timesheet data from various type of mobile devices- supporting Android and iOS

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وفر الوقت والمال

دع Mobittend يراقب ساعات عمل موظفيك!

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