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Rise With SAP 
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Rise with SAP

تعمل ECS على تسريع تحول الأعمال من خلال خدمات SAP السحابية لاكتساب القيمة بشكل أسرع من خلال RISE باستخدام SAP

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حان الوقت لتسريع التحول

تمنحك خدماتنا لتحويل SAP S / 4HANA رؤية واضحة تمامًا وخطة قابلة للتنفيذ عند الانتقال إلى حل الجيل التالي من SAP. انظر حزم ECS أدناه:

Package 1

4 Functional Processes

4 tier landscape

up to 5 interfaces

up to 5 custom program remediation

Up to 10 standard FIORI Security activation

2 weeks Hypercare

Customized assessment/ roadmap

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ما هو Rise With SAP؟

الحل لتصبح مؤسسة ذكية ومستدامة في السحابة ، إنه حل شامل مع:

- Cloud ERP لكل احتياجات العمل

- ممارسات الصناعة القادمة وقابلية التوسع

- التحليلات وذكاء العمليات التجارية

- رحلة موجهة وخدمات مدفوعة بالنتائج من SAP وشركائها

  • What are the different implementation scenarios available for S/4HANA?
    There are three different types of implementation scenarios available for S/4HANA. They are System Conversion – The process of converting an existing ECC system into a S/4HANA system is called System Conversion. This procedure facilitates database migration from any classical DB to SAP HANA, migrates ERP data model into S/4HANA data model, replaces old ECC application code with S/4HANA application code, and does not force you to convert SAP GUI transactions into FIORI apps right away. New Implementation – Implement the S/4HANA system from scratch. This procedure allows businesses to reengineer their business processes to simplify them and also make use of new functionalities available as part of S/4HANA. It facilitates the rapid adoption of new innovations in a standardized manner. Selective Data Transition – Using this procedure, businesses can consolidate multiple ECC systems into one S/4HANA system. It allows them to perform a selective data migration based on legal entities, such as clients or company codes.
  • Can S/4HANA run on any database like Oracle or MS SQL Server?
    No. S/4HANA runs only on SAP HANA database.
  • Can you use SAP GUI to access an S/4HANA system?
    Yes. Technically, you can use SAP GUI to access a S/4HANA system. But if you would like to use S/4HANA’s advanced functionalities like embedded analytics and Robotic Process Automation, you must use FIORI to access S/4HANA. FIORI also improves user experience by offerings functionalities such as enterprise search, notifications, default values, personalization and user assistance which does not exist in SAP GUI.
  • What is the average implementation time for an S/4HANA project?
    Implementation times varies on a customer by customer basis as it depends on customer requirements and their digital transformation goals. But according to SAP, on average, S/4HANA system conversion projects take 8 months to implement whereas new implementations take about 11 months.
  • What are the key differences between a S/4HANA on-premise and a S/4HANA public cloud system?
  • How much does SAP Business ByDesign cost?
    SAP Business ByDesign is offered on a subscription basis, priced per user per month for the specific functionalities being used. Current Pricing is as follows: – USD 1,647 Base Fee per month (includes 5 Enterprise Users) – From USD 146 per user/month for Enterprise Users – from USD 16 per user/ month for Self-service users – USD 87 per user/month for Team users SAP Business byDesign is offered as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution, and the prices includes licenses and cloud hosting. The cost of implementation and support depends on various factors (such as number of users to be supported, complexity of business requirements, interfaces, etc.). Please GET IN TOUCH TO FIND OUT

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