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Coca-Cola Bottling Company: Preparing for the future by implementing SAP S/4HANA With the help of ECS


  • Build a solid platform that will streamline processes and enable future growth and operational excellence

  • Support business automation, digitalization and move to cloud computing capabilities

  • Enhance data management/integration to enable effective decision making.

  • Benchmark CCBCE to the global best practice which is used by HBC

  • Eliminating operational constraints arising from outdated, manual and disparate systems

  • Support productivity and efficiency realization


  • The huge amount of data: Legacy Data Migration, the cleansing and completion of missing data

  • Working in uncertain global situation due to COVID-19

  • The integration of third party applications

  • The training of approx. 2600 user


  • Implemented SAP S/4 HANA HEC, SAP Integrated Business Planning and SAP Analytic Cloud in CCBCE of 6 plants and 50 branches



An entity like Coca-Cola in Egypt was about to change its whole system and work processes from scratch; this was a great challenge and motivation to ECS team to reach the ultimate goals at the end of the project. The main strategy of CCBCE is to always enhance, adhere, maintain & adapt to the highest quality standards in every aspect of the business; that’s why, decision makers took this step of implementing SAP S/4 HANA HEC and to trust ECS and SAP. The project started in May 2020 in which Covid-19 hit the whole world; this was one of the biggest challenges the team faced in the project. There was approx. 2600 user needed to be trained in this circumstances which was a huge number but the team managed to overcome all the challenges. Coca-cola wanted to replace its legacy system since it has many customizations and became unable to respond to their needs and requirements. Also, there were many third party integrations that needed to be implemented like the internal attendance system, Fawry, Sales Buzz and Field Buzz. In addition to this, the amount of data was very huge due to the great scope of CCBCE. The ECS team in corporation with Coca-Cola team were able to face all these challenges and obstacles.


  • SAP S/4 HANA HEC with all of its modules was implemented in Coca Cola Bottling Company in Egypt and delivered on time in only 6 months

  • SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) was implemented to streamline sales and operations, supply and demand planning and inventory optimization.


CCBCE has successfully implemented the intelligent SAP ERP - SAP S/4 HANA that included (SD, MM, FICO, PP, MM & HCM). They have improved the reporting and analytical processes. They have experienced 80% reduction in processes’ errors and frauds, the overall efficiency was elevated in addition to the high visibility on the overall processes and data which helped in the decision making processes. CCBCE faced some problems in asset tracking and materials finding; most of assets’ locations were unknown which led into losses and increased costs. With the help of barcoding technology, all of its assets and materials are now easily found and accessible. This helped in saving the time wasted on searching and saving the cost of losing the assets. In addition to this, now the maintenance of machines, refrigerators, cars, etc., is now easier than it used to be. According to the employees, the main goal of the management is to empower its employees by process automation, real time data access & deep business insights allowed them to execute their job easier and faster. Also, this process automation helped the employees to monitor their time management process and accurately manage their leaves through an online portal with one click; this saved time and prevented errors. One of the main achievements is having a streamlined integrated processes of all CCBCE activities in one platform; centralizing all the data in a single system played a big role in the planning, auditing and profitability analysis processes. These decisions are now based on a vivid overall vision through this single platform that connected all the departments with each other. In terms of the financial results, this automation helped in faster financial cycles closing that used to take a long time due to a limitation in the previous system.


Visibility anytime and


Transportation and
maintenance costs


Asset Tracking , credit
management, efficiency
and productivity


with Coca Cola Global


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