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SAP Business ByDesign Bundle

Need a Bundle for SAP Business ByDesign to get you up and running quickly. ECS is offering a bundle for SAP Business ByDesign solution, the bundle includes:

- SAP ByD licenses

- End-to-End implementation 

- Business Processes (based on the package you choose)

Go-Live Guarantee

- End-User Training

- Support services 

Once your requirements are validated by someone on our team, we'll provide a written offer for your company's SAP Business ByDesign Cloud ERP implementation.

* This offer is only for the first 10 customers enrolling before 30 June, 2023

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What is SAP Business ByDesign?


SAP Business ByDesign is an affordable, easy-to-use ERP specifically designed for fast-growing small to mid-market businesses and subsidiaries of larger companies. From financials and inventory to customer relationship management and human resources, SAP Business ByDesign integrates all major aspects of your business for end-to-end visibility, added efficiency, and improved operational control. By serving as the nerve center for your business, with all data flowing into a single, centralized system, SAP Business ByDesign enables real-time data access for faster, complete, more nimble decision-making. SAP Business ByDesign comes with workflows and best practices that help your business run operations more efficiently from Day 1. It also scales with your business, so you don’t have to change systems as you grow.

Why Businesses choose SAP Business ByDesign?

Suite in a Box
Experience a single end-to-end cloud ERP solution

Get transparency to make informed decisions

Flexible Platform 
Leverage a dynamic, configurable solution

Continuous Innovation
Be always up to date with automatic product updates on a quarterly basis 

SAP Business ByDesign capabilities

Select a category below to learn more about SAP Business ByDesign and how it can help your business .

Take control of your finances

Financial and managerial accounting – manage all your accounts for multiple legal entities, currencies, and reporting standards

Cash flow management – Use integrated supplier and customer transaction data to get real-time cash forecast visibility



SAP Business ByDesign enables you to get a real-time view of your financial situation, streamline your core accounting processes, and better manage cash and liquidity.

Modernize your HR

Human Resources

Transform your workplace and integrate disparate employment data and processes in a single system.

Onboarding – help your hires succeed from day one and give employees and managers easy access to all relevant information that they need to know.

Time, Attendance, and Labour Management – automate time, labour, and compensation management with centralized data and self-services processes.


HR Self-services – allow your employees to self-manage time sheets, procurement processes and personal information for better efficiency.


Payroll – easily manage employees’ benefits and payroll, and take advantage of interfaces for third-party payroll providers.


Request & Approvals – create purchase requests and automated approvals, while ensuring compliance


SAP Commerce Cloud

Customer Relationship Management

Acquiring new customers is important for success, but maximizing customer relationships is just as crucial. SAP Business ByDesign provides the tools to help you efficiently manage the entire sales process and customer life cycle – from initial contact to final sale, to after-sales service and support.

Marketing Campaign Management – more-effective campaigns, lead generation and qualification, and sales team handovers by leveraging on personalized customer information.

Sales Management – automate opportunities tracking and activities from initial contact interactions to invoicing.

Service Management – equipping employees with the tools and insights needed to manage warranty and service contracts efficiently, enter and respond to service calls quickly, to deliver superior service and boost customer satisfaction.


Run project more effectively with real-time data

Real-time Project Collaboration & Monitoring – facilitate collaboration and enable your teams to manage, deliver, and monitor projects in real time


Project Management

SAP Business ByDesign facilitate project management of any size and complexity, allowing for more effectively run and profitable projects.

Optimize your purchasing to increase margins

Sourcing – centralized database of supplier and product would help in better price negotiations, and management of multiple supplier contracts.

Purchasing – simplify your company’s purchasing activities, and provide buyers with real-time information so better deals can be negotiated.



Every fast growing business needs a systematic approach to managing the procurement process. Empower your employees with self-service procurement functionalities to save time and costs, and a centralized supplier information to make smart, confident decisions in deal negotiations

Improve synchronization of your supply and demand

Supply Chain

SAP Bussiness ByDesigns improves supply-demand matching while providing increased flexibility in customer and supplier collaboration.

Product Development – shorten time to market and help ensure product innovations meet customer standards.

Supply Chain Management setup – improve transparency of your supply networks and layouts for modeling.

Manufacturing, Warehousing & Logistics – ensure a seamless and efficient product management from its production to shipping stage – produce high-quality products efficiently, better manage production, and automate related processes.


Planning & Control – obtain transparency and control over material flows with exception planning and reporting capabilities


SAP Business Bydesign Bundle

On average, ECS can deliver SAP Business ByDesign projects from 8-14 Weeks

SAP Business Bydesign Bundle offered in 2 packages :

(1) the Implementation Services and (2) a subscription to the Base Software Pack. 

Implementation Service

Starting From

30,000 $

The Package Includes:

End-to-End Configuration

Selected Business Processes (based on the package you choose

Fixed-Price Promise

Go-Live Guarantee

End-User Training

5-User Minimum

Base Software Pack

1199 $ / Month

The Package Includes:

2 Advanced Users

3 Core Users

Version Upgrades

Storage, Back-ups & Recovery

24/7 Support

Additional user subscriptions below

Additional Users: SAP Business ByDesign License Pricing 

Self-Service User

Monthly Subscription


Time & Expense Reporting

Travel Management

Leave Requests

Time Sheet & Personal Data Editing

Shopping Cart Processing & Delivery Confirmation

Service Order Confirmation

Quality Mgmt. Inspection Results Recording

Execute & Confirm Logistics Tasks

Core User

Monthly Subscription

All Self-Service User features plus:


Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Product Lifecycle Management

Project Management

Human Resources

Pre-configured Reporting & KPIs

All Core User features plus:

Business Analytics

Business Configuration

Service Control Center

Application & User Management

Partner Development

Advanced User

Monthly Subscription

  • What are the different implementation scenarios available for S/4HANA?
    There are three different types of implementation scenarios available for S/4HANA. They are System Conversion – The process of converting an existing ECC system into a S/4HANA system is called System Conversion. This procedure facilitates database migration from any classical DB to SAP HANA, migrates ERP data model into S/4HANA data model, replaces old ECC application code with S/4HANA application code, and does not force you to convert SAP GUI transactions into FIORI apps right away. New Implementation – Implement the S/4HANA system from scratch. This procedure allows businesses to reengineer their business processes to simplify them and also make use of new functionalities available as part of S/4HANA. It facilitates the rapid adoption of new innovations in a standardized manner. Selective Data Transition – Using this procedure, businesses can consolidate multiple ECC systems into one S/4HANA system. It allows them to perform a selective data migration based on legal entities, such as clients or company codes.
  • Can S/4HANA run on any database like Oracle or MS SQL Server?
    No. S/4HANA runs only on SAP HANA database.
  • Can you use SAP GUI to access an S/4HANA system?
    Yes. Technically, you can use SAP GUI to access a S/4HANA system. But if you would like to use S/4HANA’s advanced functionalities like embedded analytics and Robotic Process Automation, you must use FIORI to access S/4HANA. FIORI also improves user experience by offerings functionalities such as enterprise search, notifications, default values, personalization and user assistance which does not exist in SAP GUI.
  • What is the average implementation time for an S/4HANA project?
    Implementation times varies on a customer by customer basis as it depends on customer requirements and their digital transformation goals. But according to SAP, on average, S/4HANA system conversion projects take 8 months to implement whereas new implementations take about 11 months.
  • What are the key differences between a S/4HANA on-premise and a S/4HANA public cloud system?
  • How much does SAP Business ByDesign cost?
    SAP Business ByDesign is offered on a subscription basis, priced per user per month for the specific functionalities being used. Current Pricing is as follows: – USD 1,647 Base Fee per month (includes 5 Enterprise Users) – From USD 146 per user/month for Enterprise Users – from USD 16 per user/ month for Self-service users – USD 87 per user/month for Team users SAP Business byDesign is offered as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution, and the prices includes licenses and cloud hosting. The cost of implementation and support depends on various factors (such as number of users to be supported, complexity of business requirements, interfaces, etc.). Please GET IN TOUCH TO FIND OUT

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